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        wa3key.com WA3KEY Amateur Radio / US Navy / New York City ( Index )
        CollinsMuseum.com Virtual Collins Radio Museum ( Index )
        Signal-One.com Virtual Signal/One Radio Museum( Index )
        USSIntrepid.com CVS-11 USS Intrepid Association ( Index )
        USSGrowler.com SSG-577 USS Growler Submarine Museum ( Index )
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    WA3KEY Amateur Radio / US Navy / New York City ( wa3key.com main page )
        Web Site Features
            Virtual Collins Radio Museum
            WA3KEY Navy / Submarine homepage
            Aircraft Carrier USS Intrepid CV/CVA/CVS-11
            USS Growler Submarine Museum
            Bucks-Lehigh UHF Repeater Association
                BLURA Constitution & By-Laws
            Davco DR-30 Receiver
                Theory of Operation
            WA3KEY/2 Special Events Schedule
                Special Event Station Logbook
            Sale and Want List
            Virtual Signal/One Radio Museum
            About the author
        New York City Webcams & Photo Galleries
        New York City Infomation Guide
            Detailed Map of Midtown Manhattan
        New York City Television on the Web


    Virtual Collins Radio Museum ( CollinsMuseum.com main page )
        Collins Radio Museum Exhibits
            30K-1 / 310A Transmitter / Exciter
            75A-1 Receiver
            310B-1/3 Exciter
            75A-2 Receiver
            KW-1 Transmitter
            32V-3 (32V-2) Transmitter
            75A-3 Receiver
            75A-4 Receiver
            KWS-1 Transmitter
                KWS-1 / 75A-4 Accessories
            51J-4 Receiver
            KWM-1 Transceiver
                KWM-1 Accessories
            75S-3B/3C Receiver
            32S-3/3A Transmitter
            62S-1 Transverter
            KWM-2/2A Transceiver
            S/Line Accessories ( 24 sub-listings )
                312B-4/B-5 Station Control Detail
                516F-2 Power Supply Detail
                55G-1 Low Frequency Tuner Detail
            30L-1 Linear Amplifier
            30S-1 Linear Amplifier
            51S-1 Receiver
            651S-1 Receiver
            KWM-380 Transceiver
            451S-1 Receiver
            851S-1 Receiver
            HF-2050 Receiver
            95S-1(A) Receiver
        Collins Museum Features
            Collins Radio Advertisement Archive
            Motorola/Collins R-390 Slideshow
            EAC/Collins R-390A Slideshow
            Clubs, Nets, Magazines & Lists
                Collins Collectors Association FAQ
            Parts & Service Vendors
            Arthur A. Collins biography
            Photo Gallery
            The Collins Story - Arlo Goodyear
            Collins Radio Company - E. Sam Levy
            Collins Quick Reference
            KWM-2 / S-Line Service Bulletin Index
            Collins QST Article Index
            Mechanical Filter Reference
                Equipment Filter Use List
            Tube and Crystal Complement list
                Tube List
                Crystal List
            AOR DDS-2A Digital External VFO
                AOR DDS-2A Product Review
            CCA Used Equipment Grading Standards
        Collins Related Links


    Virtual Signal/One Radio Museum ( Signal-One.com main page )
        CX7 Manual Tune Up Instructions


    USS Intrepid CV-11, CVA-11, CVS-11 ( USSIntrepid.com main page )
        In Memory of Zachary Fisher 1910-1999
        Former Crewmembers' E-mail Directory
        Timeline History 1943-1982
            On-Line Ketcher Archive
        Detailed History 1943-1946
        Service Record Data
            Battle Stars & Awards
            Air Groups & Squadrons
            Intrepid's Aircraft
            Commanding Officers
            Men who gave their lives


    USS Growler SSG-577 Submarine Museum ( USSGrowler.com main page )
        USS Growler Photo Gallery
        Former Crewmembers' E-mail Directory
        Regulus: The Forgotten Weapon ( Chapter 13 )
        Regulus Cruise Missile page
        Regulus Cruise Missile Photo Gallery

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