The Bucks-Lehigh UHF Repeater Association (BLURA) was founded in 1974 to serve the radio amateur community in southeastern Pennsylvania's northern Bucks and southern Lehigh counties. The WA3KEY UHF repeater operates on a standard coordinated frequency pair of 443.200 MHz TX and 448.200 MHz RX with a 114.8 Hz (Code 2B PL) tone activated squelch from a location just south of Quakertown in Bucks County. Auto-Patch is available to members. Trustees: Norm - WA3KEY and Steve - WA3RXP.

System Parameters             Constitution & By-Laws

Present Day BLURA Equipment

 20 Watt Motorola Flexar desktop repeater
Zetron 48MAX controller

          20 Watt Motorola Radius R-100 repeater &
      i50 phone-patch for portable / back-up service

Cellwave Super Stationmaster antenna
[WA3KEY/R Ant]


BLURA Repeaters of Years Gone Bye...

                Motorola J74-BBY repeater
  American Microsignal RCP-780 controller
Donated by Lehigh Valley Mobile 1981-1989

Converted Motorola J74-BBB base station
Homebrew controller by WA3GAA 1976-1981

 Converted Motorola T44 strips
Homebrew controller 1974-1976

Current System Parameters

Transmitter Callsign   -   WA3KEY
Output Frequency   -   443.200 MHz
Input Frequency   -   448.200 MHz
Transmitter City   -   Quakertown
Transmitter County   -   Bucks
Transmitter State   -   Pennsylvania
Access Mode   -   PL Tone 2A (114.8 Hz)
Effective Isotropic Radiated Power   -   197 watts
Elevation Above Sea Level   -   640 feet
Height Above Average Terrain   -   100 feet
Transmitter Antenna Pattern   -   Omnidirectional
Transmitter Antenna Polarization   -   Vertical
Transmitter Site Latitude   -   40° 25' 38" north
Transmitter Site Longitude   -   75° 18' 50" west

Area Repeater Coordination Council for Eastern PA and Southern NJ
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