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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(Updated 3/96)

What is the Collins Collectors Association?

The Collins Collectors Association (CCA) is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting Amateur Radio operators who share the opinion that Collins Radio made the very finest amateur communications equipment available.

The Associations root's can be traced back to February of 1988 when Bill Wheeler, KDEW organized a 20 meter NET made up of 17 like minded Collins users. That small group grew to over 1,200 by 1993.

The purpose of the Association is to:

-Promote the care and use of Collins Amateur Radio Equipment
-Preserve the history and lore of Collins Radio Equipment
-Provide an information archive for Collins Radio Equipment

What are the benefits of belonging to the CCA?

For the active Collins user, belonging to the CCA can be extremely beneficial. Our membership has a vast collection of printed matter relating to Collins Radio including both technical and promotional material. A simple verbal request on any one of our 3 nets for technical information or a service part can result in half a dozen or more offers of help. We also have an informal group of extremely capable "Senior Technical Staff Advisors" who work on a volunteer basis to help members solve what can be complicated technical problems encountered in Collins amateur products.

An added benefit, members receive our quarterly newsletter, The Signal. They also receive a handsome, numbered membership certificate suitable for framing.

The CCA offers other Collins related items available exclusively to members such as extremely high quality QSL cards, CCA name badges, tee shirts and other memorabilia.

Because the CCA stands for and promotes gentlemanly and amateur-like operation, there is a real opportunity to share in quality fellowship with other CCA members. You may even meet a few of our members who were employed by Collins Radio and were instrumental in designing, producing, marketing and supporting Collins Radio equipment. Some of those members include Warren Bruene, W5OLY who designed, among other things, the 30S-1 linear amplifier and 30K-1 transmitter and was Collins most tenured employee having retired in 1984.

Member Dennis Day was one of the prime engineers on the 75S-3 and Gene Senti was the designer of the KWM-2, 30L-1 and KWS-1. We are proud to have these fine gentleman who have both directly and indirectly contributed much to amateur radio.

For those who may wish to add to a station or collection, the CCA attracts an elaborate and reliable network of equipment sellers as well as members who may be interested in selling or trading their own gear.

How does one become a member of the Collins Collectors Association?

Any person who has an interest in Collins Radio is welcome to join us. Annual dues are $20 for those living in the US and Canada and $25 elsewhere. Again, this includes the membership certificate and our quarterly newsletter, The Signal.

Mail your remittance in US funds to:

The Collins Collectors Association
PO Box 963
St. Cloud, MN 56302

We support a 2-way exchange of information with our membership and encourage everyone to share their experiences. The Association offers the best benefit and value to all when members share their Collins related experiences and situations.

How do I stay in touch with and participate in the CCA?

Besides our quarterly newsletter, the CCA currently has 3 affiliated nets which meet weekly. They are as follows:

The 20M net meets every Sunday on 14263 at 2000UTC. This is our formal, directed net which usually has the greatest number of check-ins. It is dedicated to both technical subjects and the listing of equipment buy/sell opportunities.

The CCA also supports two weekly 75M nets. The first meets Tuesday nights on 3805 at 0100 UTC and the second meets Thursday nights on 3875 also at 0100 UTC. The 75M nets are designed to be informal with open discussions and the least amount of structure possible.

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