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"The" Classic Collins S/Line Station - 1958

    Collins Radio Company, with more than 30 years' experience in research, development and manufacture of distinctive amateur equipment, has dedicated itself to the objective of product excellence.

    Whatever the field - amateur radio, avionics, commercial broadcasting, space electronics, communication, computation or control - Collins' uncompromising standards of excellence begin with product development and continue through every step of manufacture, quality control and test.

    Collins' amateur radio equipment has been the standard used by DXpeditions around the world in environmental extremes seldom encountered by the average ham.

    Collins' single sideband products have long been used by the U.S. military team. During the early years of single side- band communication, the size and weight of the equipment limited its use principally to point-to-point circuits between fixed stations. Continued development following World War II has resulted in a wide variety of high performance equipment for airborne, transportable, vehicular and shipboard, as well as fixed station, use.

    The Strategic Air Command commanders' net, the Strategic Air Command aircraft control net and the Navy Tactical Data System are but a few of the major installations using Collins' single sideband. The Universal Radio Group, latest generation of Collins' SSB equipment, is a highly flexible and sophisticated HF communication design used by the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and space centers.

    Collins' research and development, plus the Company's never-ending emphasis on quality control, assure each Collins' amateur equipment owner that he has the most advanced and most thoroughly tested equipment available and that it will retain its value through the years.

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On Exhibit ...

30K-1 / 310A Transmitter / Exciter - 1946
75A-1 Receiver - 1946
310B-2/3 Exciter - 1947
75A-2 Receiver - 1950
KW-1 Transmitter - 1950
32V-3 (32V-2) Transmitter - 1951
75A-3 Receiver - 1952
75A-4 Receiver - 1955
KWS-1 Transmitter - 1955
51J-4 Receiver - 1957
KWM-1 Transceiver - 1957
75S-3B/3C Receiver - 1967
32S-3/3A Transmitter - 1963
62S-1 VHF Transverter - 1963
KWM-2/2A Transceiver - 1959
S/Line Accessories - 1964
30L-1 Linear Amplifier - 1961
30S-1 Linear Amplifier - 1959
51S-1 General Coverage Receiver - 1959
651S-1 General Coverage Receiver - 1971
KWM-380 Transceiver - 1979
451S-1 General Coverage Receiver - 1980
851S-1 General Coverage Receiver - 1982
HF-2050 General Coverage Receiver - 1984
95S-1(A) General Coverage Receiver - 1995

Features ...

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