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[Late Show]

It's the "Late Show" with Norm - WA3KEY

Tonight's guests:
Steve - WA3RXP, EG Daily and Basia Trzetrzelewska

Amateur Radio Schedules

     HF Phone:

         Saturday     1300 Eastern   14,333 KHz USB
                                     14,322 KHz USB (Alternate)
         Sunday       1300 Eastern    7,233 KHz LSB
                                      7,218 KHz LSB (Alternate)
                                      3,855 KHz LSB (Alternate)      
                      1400 Eastern   14,333 KHz USB
                                     14,322 KHz USB (Alternate)

HF Packet: Weekends 14,105 KHz "Network 105" Kantronics KAM+ SSID WA3KEY - Keyboard WA3KEY-1 - Mailbox WA3KEY-2 - Gate -> EPALAN 145.070 MHz WA3KEY-7 - Node
VHF Packet: Evenings & 145.070 MHz "EPALAN" Kantronics KAM+ Weekends SSID WA3KEY - Keyboard WA3KEY-1 - Mailbox WA3KEY-2 - Gate -> "Network 105" WA3KEY-7 - Node -> VHF Packet Address: wa3key@n3dpu

Enjoying the view atop WFMZ-TV69's
465-foot tower in Allentown, PA


Operating WA3KEY/2 from the flight deck of      
the USS Intrepid in New York Harbor              



Bucks - Lehigh UHF Repeater Association
Founded 1974
Trustees: Norm - WA3KEY / Steve - WA3RXP

    A message to visitors...

    Thank you for visiting the WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum or the WA3KEY Top Page.   I have been a licensed Radio Amateur since 1968 and have collected "boatanchors" (old vacuum tube "glow in the dark" radios) since 1980.   Most of the equipment on exhibit at the "virtual museum" is also in service at the "non-virtual" WA3KEY Amateur Radio Station.   In addition to Rockwell/Collins, I am also fond of the communications equipment manufactured by Signal/One.

    When not trying to keep from falling off a tower, into the Hudson River, or getting electrocuted, I am otherwise occupied as president of National Scientific Co., Inc. , a small company that manufactures quartzware for science and industry.   By trade I am a journeyman scientific glassblower.   Some of my other interests include broadcast journalism, astronomy and US Navy history.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit.   Please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions.   For the curious ... all of the documents published at this Web site have been "hand coded" with nothing more than a no-frills DOS based ASCII text editor (Norton) and an appreciation of hypertxt.   The internet is truly an incredible creation and the media of the future.

Amateur Radio Station WA3KEY

Norman H. Drechsel
P.O. Box 498
Quakertown, PA 18951 USA

E-Mail: norm@wa3key.com                                                                   FAX: 215-536-5811

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