Orange Coast UHF Repeater Association

    The Orange Coast UHF Repeater Association (OCURA) began as the Bucks-Lehigh UHF Repeater Association (BLURA) founded in 1974 to serve the radio amateur community in Southeastern Pennsylvania's northern Bucks and southern Lehigh counties. That repeater group ceased operation in June of 2020 and returned to the air serving Southern California's central Orange County coast in October of 2023.

    The WA3KEY UHF repeater operates on the standard frequency pair of 448.720 MHz TX and 443.720 MHz RX with a 114.8 Hz (Code 2B) CTCSS tone activated squelch from a location high above Newport's Back Bay in the Westcliff neighborhood. All users are welcome.

System Parameters

Present Day OCURA Equipment

          20 Watt Motorola Radius R-100 repeater
      & i50 phone-patch

Club Repeaters of Years Gone Bye...

 20 Watt Motorola Flexar desktop repeater
Zetron 48MAX controller

                Motorola J74-BBY repeater
  American Microsignal RCP-780 controller
Donated by Lehigh Valley Mobile 1981-1989

Converted Motorola J74-BBB base station
Homebrew controller by WA3GAA 1976-1981

 Converted Motorola T44 strips
Homebrew controller 1974-1976

Current System Parameters

Transmitter Callsign   -   WA3KEY
Output Frequency   -   448.720 MHz
Input Frequency   -   443.720 MHz
Transmitter City   -   Newport Beach
Transmitter County   -   Orange
Transmitter State   -   California
Access Mode   -   PL Tone 2A (114.8 Hz)
Effective Isotropic Radiated Power   -   145 watts
Elevation Above Sea Level   -   130 feet
Height Above Average Terrain   -   30 feet
Transmitter Antenna Gain   -   11.5db
Transmitter Antenna Pattern   -   Omnidirectional
Transmitter Antenna Polarization   -   Vertical
Transmitter Site Latitude   -   33° 37' 49" north
Transmitter Site Longitude   -   -177° 53' 55" west
Transmitter Site Grid Square   DM13bp

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